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INTERIOR STYLIST ERICA FANNING, 26, has turned a knack for decorating spaces into a popular online service, E-Decorating, as a spin-off to her business Erica Fanning Interior Styling.

ERICA SAYS STYLING A HOME OVER THE INTERNET is a comprehensive and cost effective way of getting expert help to style a home.

 Home Styling Online


“CLIENTS generally have a clear idea of how to describe their lifestyle and personal style. As long as we capture this, and they have access to email, styling a home via email is a simple process. Well, as simple as decorating can be,” says Erica.

“IN-HOME INTERIOR DECORATING involves an initial meeting with the client, and we then proceed through numerous back and forth emails to establish the interior scheme and the client’s likes and dislikes. This I find to be a more comprehensive and time and cost efficient way of generating the ideas for the space.”

ERICA ASKS HER E-CLIENTS for a basic floor plan with room dimensions, interior images of the existing room and photos of any furniture they would like to keep or use in the new space. They then email this to Erica and within 2-3 weeks they receive their design – which provides an interior style board, a comprehensive floor plan, furniture layout and shopping list.


“E-decorating is completely tailored to the client’s brief. The brief may contain considerations such as budget constraints, small room dilemmas, advice on how to make what they already own work, furniture and space planning.”

 “A CLIENT FROM REGIONAL NSW asked whether it was possible to utilise my interior decorating service through email correspondence.  Through a detailed client information form and liaising through emails, we developed an interior scheme that she was delighted with. Initially this included a floor plan, shopping list and style board, however, evolved to include how to style her new bookshelf, advice on existing and recently commissioned furniture pieces, plus the procurement and delivery of pieces to her rural NSW home.”

“THE LIVING SPACES are the areas of the home where people ask for most help. This is where a family congregates; you entertain guests and relax. This is the area that should represent the owner’s personality and lifestyle as well as generate a desirable and functional ambiance and aesthetic. It is imperative to develop an understanding of who my client is, their likes and dislikes and how they operate as a family. This dictates the success of the decorating style and functionality of the end design. My passion and desire has always been to guide people through creating a stylish and affordable interior space that truly reflects who they are and their lifestyle.”

HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR and coastal sophistication inspires Erica when it comes to styling her own home.

“MY STYLE and inspiration for my home is a blend of Hollywood glamour and coastal living combining symmetry, texture on texture and bursts of colour,” she says.

ERICA has just completed the decorating transformation of a dentist surgery in Sydney, and is working on another four e-decorating projects plus two interior fit outs in Sydney and Brisbane.

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