Want a Perfect Day? Try 106 minutes of Sex

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A university study reveals the key to happiness, for women, is in having 106 minutes of sex a day. Rach Wilson ponders these statistics.

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When 900 women with an average age of 38 were interviewed for a university study, they declared that a perfect day would include 106 minutes of sex or “intimate relations”. Their ecstatic response was part of a survey asking women what they did each day and how they felt about it. Their answers were analysed to produce the perfect daily routine. And while the results regarding a woman’s desire to have so much sex have been surprising to some, it’s no surprise to me.

I can already imagine a few husbands who upon reading this are wondering how they can ignite their partner’s desire to want 106 minutes of them a day; but let’s get real here, this is about a “perfect” day, not a normal day.

The study also showed women would prefer only 36 minutes of work but 82 minutes of socialising, 78 minutes of relaxing, 57 minutes on the phone and 56 minutes of shopping… er, only 56 minutes of shopping? And, all of this after eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

When a day starts like that and you only have 36 minutes of work amongst all the good stuff, then why wouldn’t you be up for 106 minutes of intimate relations with your partner?

These results aren’t so surprising.

Now, intimate relations is not just sex. They can be uninterrupted connection time with a splash of caressing and affection, which could lead to sex.

Two questions for you:

  1. How many minutes a day, on average, are you devoting to enjoying intimate relations with your partner?

  2. What do you think it would do for your relationship if you enjoyed 106 minutes intimately relating?

For the average couple, on an average day, 106 minutes might be a stretch, particularly if you work full time, have children and try to slip in some exercise. Part of the reason intimate relations rates so highly is because it’s something women want to have when they have the time and energy although often it’s not a priority on an average day.

The good news is, you don’t need to wait for a perfect day to get the love, connection and physical pleasure you crave, nor do you need 106 minutes a day to reap the benefits. 

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Top three tips for getting in the mood for intimacy

  1. Periodically during your day, walk away from whatever you’re doing and just take a few minutes to breathe deeply, stretch and stop thinking about everything and everyone else. Just be aware of how your body feels in that moment and let the rest of the world go.

  2. When you arrive home, have a small ritual to get you out of work/business mode and bring you back to being the gorgeous and sexy woman you are. A shower if you have time, a quick change of clothes into something feminine, a spray of perfume and a little lipstick can do wonders.

  3. Connect, connect, connect! Stop for a few minutes or more, look into each other’s eyes and just be totally present with your partner, then see where the moment takes you.

When you take some busy-ness breaks, nurture yourself and purposely connect with your partner, you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel within yourself and how much more you fall into intimate relations, gaining the pleasure, connection and stress relief that only intimacy can give.

Try these strategies consistently for a week and let us know what changes.


Rach Wilson



The report and research was doneby Christian Krolla and Sebastian Pokuttab, from Jacobs University & University of Bremen, Germany and Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia.

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