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How many times have you uttered the words, “Where does the time go?” or, “How fast has this year flown by?” It often seems as though 24 hours have been shrunk into 10. Personally, I’ve become concerned about this ‘speed of light’ living.

This general concern was brought home and made personal to me and my family abruptly with a recent unexpected death in our family. It made us realize that time – every single second of it – is THE most precious resource gifted to us all. How frivolous are we with those precious moments, though? How many do we waste on worry, anger, fear, restlessness, resentment, anxiety and doing things we don’t enjoy?

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During my exclusive interview this month with the heart-centered Baeth Davis, she reveals that we should all be doing what we love and receiving just reward for our commitment to living on purpose. If you’re finding that life is racing past at break-neck speed and your precious time is being squandered doing activities you dislike, it’s time to STOP: it’s imperative you take action NOW to course correct. One powerful way to do this is to embrace the strength of ‘Mindful Meditation’. 

This month’s dare challenge takes us on a journey of Growth Through Stillness. Each day, I’ll be unfolding the joys of slowing down my life and creating pauses to open up the pathways of untapped creativity.

It’s time to slow down…I dare you to join me.

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